Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Did the FDIC let former FNB Directors skate off for $1,500,000???

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After losing approximately $650 million dollars and being shut down almost three years ago by the FDIC, it appears the former Directors of First National Bank Edinburg are skating away with having to fork over a mere $1.5 million as a "Settlement and Release Agreement"  was executed in July.  

Looks like the only problem now is a stomach ache the directors might have from laughing so hard!


  1. They wont be laffing when this case goes to trial and they get nailed for every penny they worth!!!!!

  2. It takes years, these cases are complicated. But the top four will be fucked. If not the top four, then three of them, with the fourth one helping the government fuck them. waiting for that shit to happen any day now.

  3. I think these fuckers, just happened to be very lucky. Not because they had high IQ's, it's just that they (FNB top four) were dumb, but the regulators were dumber.

    I think things are so fucked up, NOT even the FBI can make sense of the stupidity to take it to trial. Furthermore, if there were a case, try presenting this case to a jury of 12 people from the Rio Grande Valley. Where one juror is going to ask another juror "de que chingados estan hablando?".

  4. another round of dismissals in this case how can this be happening????? its serious shit time to quit fooling around and take this case to trial!!!!

  5. Someone got greased under the table for this to go away! Pitty, they had them all they had to do was squeeze their nuts!

  6. As if nothing happened. It's a pity for all those First National Bank employees who lost their retirement. The people at the top of First National Bank are free to carry on to their new bank jobs, oil companies, rental estate projects, etc.

    And all those people that lost their retirement, it's a shame. Those people just don't have the money and/or can articulate well enough their civil case against these fellows.

    In my opinion, first and foremost were the employee/shareholders that lost the most.

    Nobody, looked out for them. Nobody.

    I don't think the FDIC is going to distribute the 1.5 million they will receive from former FNB's top brass to these employee/shareholders.

  7. its a pity that the guy who helped padilla rip off the bank for 8 mil got off as well

  8. its a pity that the guy who helped padilla rip off the bank for 8 mil got off as well

  9. Alonzo Cantu is across town wanting to top off FNB former executives. So it seems.

    Seems no one there can talk sense into the man.

    Maybe he figures, nothing happened to the FNB idiots, nothing will happen to me.

  10. why is there an appeal now what happened to trial?????

  11. My opinion. All of this is Bull shit. High crimes never get cauggt. Small drug dealer or drunks go to jail. But if u steal big you get away. Pay tge 1/4 of what you stoled. Just look what happened with ur Elected New President just settled what he stoled from Students. What a shame. I rather have bad emails. Then a BIG WWHITE RAT.
    This guy's own a Bank already. The same thing will happen. There is another bigger bank that Laundries Money thru his bank. An just pays the fines.
    FBI won't do anything either. Look at our example now with the new Elect President.
    Shame on us Tax payers.

  12. when this case going to the jury????? i thought it was going to trial two years ago???? nothing in the sa paper, is danner gone???