Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Allegations of FRAUD by OCC Deputy against FNB????

Straight from the Horses Mouth!

In an April 2014 story in the San Antonio Express News by Patrick Danner, OCC Deputy Comptroller Gil Barker stated that only three national banks in Texas had been shut down since the great depression.  

Those three banks, 
La Coste National Bank (2010), 
First National Bank Edinburg (September 2013) 
and most recently,  
Texas Community Bank of The Woodlands (February 2014) were the institutions Barker was referring to.

However, Barker went on to state that in 
"Two of those situations, there was fraud".

So let's take a look and see just for shits and giggles if one can figure out which bank wasn't closed with elements of fraud.

In 2011, the President of La Coste Bank went to federal prison after pleading guilty to making a false entry in the bank's books with the intent to defraud and deceive banking regulators.  OK, there's one of the two fraud cases Barker referred to from his April 2014 statement.  One down, one to go!

Now, let's look at Texas Community Bank.  The Office of Inspector General's Material Loss Review was released this summer and there was no mention of fraud as to why the bank failed and was shut down.

Uh Oh!  
I think the music stopped and there's no more chairs!

OK, let's flashback to February 2011 and look at the OCC Consent order issued to FNB.  It states below:



(1) The Board shall require and the Bank shall immediately take all necessary steps to correct each violation of law, rule, or regulation cited in the most recent Report of Examination (“ROE”), any subsequent ROE, or brought to the Board’s or Bank’s attention in writing by management, regulators, auditors, loan review, or other compliance efforts. 

So is one to assume that the good deputy of the OCC has confirmation of fraudulent violations of FNB and/or their officers/directors during their tenure??  

After all, it was only a cool $637,000,000 loss!

Just can't wait to get a copy of that ROE!!


  1. could the FDIC have prevented this mess????????? Put all those A-holes with Padilia

  2. It takes years, these cases are complicated. But the top four will be fucked. If not the top four, then three of them, with the fourth one helping the government fuck them.

    1. you sure got that one right

  3. I bet Gandy or McCarthy will be the snitch

    1. My bet is its Ortega. Why would they have left him as CEO. However, according to OIG report, he didn't come clean with the fake capital injection. So who the fuck knows.

    2. The pig will soon squeal! None of these guys will fold until they are truly cornered. Then they'll run like cockroaches when lights are turned on. No fucking honor with these guys in their little shit border town. But don't forget their turncoat former attorney Eric Sherer. They'll point the finger at his little ass that he was in on the whole thing.

    3. Of course he was, in reality it's Rogers and Ortega. Going back to the beginning of scams. Those two are in on every detail. They are connected to judges (important judges); that is scary for us. However, on this one, the the fuck up was so bad, these important judges might let them sink this time, or get is all fucked.

  4. I hope they review all The large loans. Especially the 5 top 1/2 ac. Colonia Developers who Bank financed 100% of loan. They need to really investigated this Bank.
    The same ex-wife started Texas National Bank. Wow. Where is FDIC Investigators. $680,000.00 lost. It should be major Breaking News. Where's our Local News Media.

  5. whose ex-wife. Rogers??????

    1. I see three wives listed. But omg, they are innocent.

    2. yeah, innocent spending everybody's money! They'll all go down and pay it back the rest of their lives. Just like that poop sucker Padillia!

  6. FDIC needs to go back 10 years to all other retired Loan Officers. Go after, lawyers, Title Company record's. Confiscate all Assets from these crooks. Included wife assets an Kids Trust Funds. $680,000.00. Tax payers money.
    living the Rich life at our expense. FDIC enough is enough.

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